Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade Recap

We Are Cosplay Parade 2014We Are Cosplay teamed up once again with our friends at ReedPOP to represent the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, better known as C2E2, for the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Grant Park. This year we went bigger and better with 70+ cosplayers representing just a fraction of the creative fun you’ll find at C2E2 and from We Are Cosplay.

Missed the event?! Check out the Photos and Video!

Special thanks to the ReedPOP team, our awesome members for braving the Chicago March Weather, and the Mario Brothers Ghostbusters Crew!

ReedPOP Team:
Jackie – Brand Marketing Manager
Corey – Brand Marketing Coordinator
Katie – Customer Success Associate
Ryan – Sales Associate

We Are Cosplay:
Paul –  Creative Director, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man
Angelique – Social Media Director, Disney’s Snow White: Snow White
Nyq – Media Director
Ronald – Media Team
Peter – Media Team
Claire – DragonBall Z: Android 17
Blythe – Marvel Comics: Rogue
Dan – Marvel Comics: Logan
David – DC Comics: Riddler
Destiny – Mortal Kombat: Scorpion
Brittany – Doctor Who: Female “10th Doctor”
Andrew – Doctor Who: Male “Rose Tyler”
Jackie – Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: Cruella Deville
Chad – Star Trek: Capt. James T. Kirk
Jenny – G.I.Joe: Baroness
Zadok Manny – Marvel Comics: Doctor Octopus
Ben – DC Comics: Green Lantern
El – DC Comics: Nightwing
Lay – League of Legends: Nidalee
Jane – DC Comics: Catwoman (Julie Newmar)
Brandon – Internet/Urban Legend: Slenderman
Terrence – Marvel Comics: Nick Fury
Nicholas – Final Fantasy X: Tidus
Alex – Firefly/Serenity: Dr. Simon Tam
Sonya – DC Comics: Huntress
Clayton – Bioshock Infinite: Booker DeWitt
Ryan – Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk
Katie – Comics/Film: Judge Dredd
Jeremy – DC Comics: Two-Face
Michael – Legends of Zelda: Link
Courtney – Naruto: Orochimaru
Madeline – Firefly/Serenity: Kaylee Frye
Meryle – Marvel Comics: Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers)
Lucretia – Naruto: Deidara
Steve – Warner Brothers: Marvin the Martian
Paris – Call Of Duty: Ghost
Andrew – Halo: ODST Spartan
Harrison – Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor
Katherine – Marvel Comics: Lady Deadpool
Nykko – DC Comics: The Dark Knight
Josef – The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible
Lisa – DC Comics: Harley Quinn
Luisa – Marvel Comics: Mystique (Storm metamorphosis)
Amber – Doctor Who: Weeping Angel
Kiwuan – Star Wars Old Republic: Sith Warrior
Margaret – Harry Potter: House Slytherin
Mark – Halo : Spartan
Kay – Marvel Comics: Jubilee
Candice – DC Comics: Miss Martian
Jonathan – DC Comics: Robin (Young Justice)
Daniel – Marvel Comics Deadpool
Ashley – Marvel Comics: Black Cat
Jessica – Pokemon X, Y: Mega Amphorus Gijinka
Val – DC Comics: Green Arrow (“Punk Rock” variant)
Matt – Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor
Sonny – Saint Seiya- Knights of the Zodiac: Hades
Emily – Legends of Zelda: Princess Zelda
Patrick – DC Comics: Superman (Dean Cain)
Steve – My Little Pony: Flash Sentry
Chrystine – DC Comics: Lady Joker (Duela Dent)
Bevan – DC Comics: Batgirl
Alexandra – Marvel Comics: X-23
Anthony – Zorro
Efren – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo
Marissa – Transformers the Movie: Optimus Prime
Miguel – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder
Trevor – Marvel Comics: Iron-Man
Casey – DC Comics: Batwoman
Joshua – Marvel Comics: Doctor Doom
Amie – Marvel Comics: Iron-Woman

Here is what our participants had to say about this event!

“You guys are f***king awesome!”

“I can’t wait for next year!”

“Snow White! I have all your dolls!”

 ”I love you Batman!”

“Had a blast! Thanks for the awesome day!”