X-Men: Days of Future Past Meet & Greet Recap


Welcome to the 21st Century. That was the closing phrase on the opening page of one the shortest, but most memorable story arcs for Professor Xavier’s gifted group- Uncanny X-Men issue #141, published in 1981. On Friday, May 23, We are Cosplay partnered up with AMC Village Crossing 18 for another in lobby fan meet-and-greet.

We had mixed opinions on the film adaptation… Nyq loved it, I hated it, Angelique… well she fell asleep. Tell us what you thought in the comments, check out the photos by Ron Ladao, and our video recap!


We Are Cosplay:

Nyq – Media Director
Paul –  Creative Director, Mr. Sinister
Angelique – Social Media, DirectorDomino


Special thanks to  all the members that came out!

Zadok Manny – Toad
Al – Nightcrawler
Billy – Beast
Ryan – Colossus
Amanda – Marvel Girl
Josef – Quicksilver
Joe – Wolverine
June – Storm
Val – Dark Phoenix
Bevan – Mystique
Bree – Shadowcat
Scott – Cyclops

Kay – as herself