Featured Cosplayer: Jonathan Onopa

Jonathan Onopa

As part of our costume contest production, Costume Idol, Saturday, June 28 at new-con-on-the-block, Lake Count-I-Con, We Are Cosplay gave members an opportunity to not only strut their stuff on stage, but to BE an in-character judge for the show. And from those submissions, what better opportunity to select our next featured cosplayer?

Lock up your gun safes, tacos, and unicorns… joining Skeletor, Meryle Idzerda of Idzerda Designs, and MC- The StarShip, is everyone’s favorite “Merc with the Mouth”, Deadpool- aka Jonathan Onopa!

Character wise, who’s on your “done it” list? and who’s the favorite?

I think that will be a toss up between Ant Man and Speedy.

I love Ant Man cause for the most part, he is not done all that much. So when people do see it, they love it. When I first did it, I thought only grown ups will know who I am… I did not even think about the fact that he is in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, so when all the kids came to me giving me high fives and asking to take pictures, it was an awesome feeling.

Speedy is new, like ACEN new, so the new costume feeling is still hitting me [laughs]. I really like Young Justice though, and although I have a lot of favorite characters from that show- Kid Flash, Robin, Shazam, Blue Beetle, and Lagoon Boy just to name a few, I feel like Speedy had a little more depth to him than most of the others. Plus that hat is way stylish.

Your must read comic/book, or videogame/tabletop, or show/film at the moment?

Right now I am trying to catch up on the New 52. I know a lot of people have their concerns with it, or just overall hate for it- which I have my complaints like everyone, but its here and it is going to stay. Got to just accept it.

I am not a huge gamer, I wouldn’t even call myself one really. I still need to play the last three Assassin’s Creed games, really should finish Batman: Arkham Origins, and I really want to play Mass Effect 3. I know, I am that far behind. Oh!!! I have been playing the crap out of Puzzle Fighter though. If you don’t know what it is, its like Street Fighter mixed with Tetris….its too addicting!!

Who are your favorite artists/writers/publishers/game studio/whatever?

Well, as a huge Green Lantern fan, Geoff Johns is my jam! I have yet to meet him, he tends to disappear during cons when I try, but when I do… the day shall be glorious!!!

Gail Simone is a new love of mine. I met her my second con ever and we ended up talking for a good ten minutes or so. Not only are her books good, but she is like the nicest lady ever to meet.

Humberto Ramos is a pretty good artist, but for a different reason to me. One, he always looks so happy and you cannot dislike someone who always looks so happy. Two, the art he does is more cartoonish, and when it comes to Spider-Man, I really love how that looks.

Ivan Reis is probably #2 favorite artist. He did Blackest Night, and Blackest Night is my yellow impurity. It is the first comic that I actually paid attention to the small details in the art, and the drawing itself. I love love love love his work.

Then there is Jim Lee. I am not sure what makes me giggle like a school girl when I see his work, but it does. I think it is the fact that he just pulls out the emotion of the character he is doing at that time, every time.

What got you into costuming/cosplay/propmaking/fx/photography/etc.?

My friend Damian actually did. We were on the phone having a lovely nerdy conversation and he brought up going to C2E2 in 2011. I was all over it until he threw down the notion of cosplaying. I was not sure how I felt about it, but realized it was probably a good way to talk to the ladies. My first thought was Robin, but since I never made a costume or prop before I instantly went to the internet to see if I could find a pre-made one that would arrive in 2 weeks… nope. He said I should be Deadpool since I am a jerk anyway and it will fit me. So I ordered one, painted my white shoes red, and wore some red winter gloves.

It was not good to say the least, but I didn’t care, I was having way too much fun.

Do you think you’re treated differently as a cosplayer, than a cosplayer of the opposite gender?

Uhhhh… honestly I do not know how to answer that. I mean treated as a person, no. We all get treated the same way in my opinion, for the most part. We get the jerks that everyone complains about, and then we also get the nice people that are not so much talked about.

I think it is more of the individual rather than gender of the person.

What’s your typical process when taking on a new project?

Usually there is a nice couple days or so just looking up pictures to get an idea. Usually look up other cosplayers to see if I can see how they made it. After that, its looking around for either random things that I can use to make it, alter, or make it from scratch. Then, I get to work.

Have you met any of the artists/writers/filmmakers/etc., who’s work your costume is based?

I think the only person I have met that did anything with the costumes I do, is Gail Simone. She wrote for Deadpool awhile ago.

Are your aliases known to everyone, and how do they feel about it?

The only alias I have is one that I made up recently and I do not think anyone really knows it.

Most interesting Con story?

I think the best one is when John Barrowman asked if he can touch my crotch while I was meeting him. It would have been rude of me to say no, so I jumped on top of his table and let him do his thing. Having a celeb ask that does not happen everyday.”

What Con are you most excited to one day attend, or return to?

Well, like everyone, I want to go to DragonCon. I hear it is pretty awesome, and hope one day I will be able to get there as well. Next year… hopefully.

Also, a new con I recently went to, Northwest Indiana Comic Con (NWI Comic-Con) was awesome for only its first year, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with it next year.

What do you like to do when you’re not costuming… other hobbies?

I love riding my bike, and no, I do not mean a motorcycle. Leg power all the way!! Also ice skating is a new found love of mine. I am not real good at it yet, but I am starting to get good. Hopefully I will be able to jump a bit in the next few years. Swimming is also a love of mine. I hate the heat with a passion, but if I can get in the water, then let it be as hot as the gates to Hell.

Costume groups, or solo- which do you prefer?

Both, I would say. As long as I like a character I am okay with doing groups. But then again sometimes it is nice to just walk around and be by myself. Especially since sometimes those cons are so crowded it is hard to walk around in big groups.

What’s next? Dream project?

Whats next? Yikes… a lot [laughs]. Kid Flash is the closest thing to come out. That will be for Wizard World this coming August. Other than that, I still want Flash, a Green Lantern, Gokai Blue (want that sooooo bad), and Beast Boy.

The Blue Stinger Beetle Borg. I think it would be so awesome to bring that out. That is most def a dream project of mine. I know I can buy it, but I want to get good enough to be able to make it myself.”Kid Flash Gokai Blue Beetle Borg

Aside from following your projects via We Are Cosplay, where can fans follow your work?

“Fans? Pshhhhh, I do not have fans, lol. My mom sees my stuff all the time, and my sister does too. My girlfriend usually is the one helping me, so she has no choice but to see it. If you want to follow my stuff and you like it a lot, just add my Facebook and say whats up from time to time. Fans make it seem like I am becoming famous or a professional, both of which I do not want. Be my friend, not a fan.”

Check out Jonathan’s projects in the We Are Cosplay facebook community,or be his friend on facebook.