I Know What We Did This Summer: A Recap

We Are Cosplay’s first summer was very eventful (no pun intended). We were extremely excited to be part of the very first Lake Count-i-Con, participate in our first library event, Comic Book Mania! at Gail Borden Library, our first museum event at Adler Planetarium’s After Dark, the first of many events at Hollywood Palms for Marvel Weekend, and Bartlett’s National Night Out. Good news is our members rocked it so hard, we have been invited back AND it has opened doors for some of our upcoming events as well.

Enjoy some highlights on our gallery page and on our video page!

Thanks to the following members for getting involved this summer! Hope to see you, along with some new faces for the fourth quarter of the year.

Aaron Brigman
Amanda Burke
Zadok Manny Camacho**
Maurice Castillejo
Mary Jo Charbasz
Sean Cho
Terrance David**
Sonya Dombrowski*
Joseph Flores
Katie Frendreis
Bryan Gomez
Mallorie Gomez
Luisa Gonzalez
Jennifer Greeley*
Amanda Hamil
Neal Haze
Xi He
Jamie Hersh
Moe Hunt
Meryle Idzerda
Steve Janes
Cliff Karrow
Jayme King*
John Kohler**
Ron Ladao*
Jonnie Lee
Josef Lim*
Joe Liss*
Toby Markham*
Luis Marquez
Margaret Musiel
Jonathon Onopa
Tania Ortiz***
Pearl Paramadilok
Daniel Phelan*
Jenny Prado
John Quade*
June Rivas*
Mike Rizzuto
Val Romack
Sanela Salkic
Steve Schertz
Amy Svalenka
Anthony Vernon*
Trevor Walmer*
Casey Welsch*
Joshua Winchester
John Zachary
Amie Zimmerman
Joe Zuniga

* (more than one event)