Night of the Living Dead: Recap


We love Halloween! Go figure, right? So we kicked off the month with a Night of the Living Dead! Everyone crawled out of their graves in their best rotting flesh, or other horror movie cosplay and joined us at Hollywood Palms in Naperville!

Check out the gallery for more photos!

Special thanks to all the members who joined us! You looked amazing.

Albert Capoccia
Bevan Sukowaty
Carole M. Brown
Christopher English
Cliff Karrow
Jayme Lee King
Jennifer Greeley
Jerry S Gonzalez
Jonathan Lee
Josef Lim
Joseph Flores
Joseph Liss
Joshua Vigor
June J Rivas
Luis Humgerto Marquez
Luisa M Gonzalez
Maurice Castillejo
Mimi Guido
Neal Haze
Robert Castro
Ronald Ladao
Sandra Iordanov