Galaxy Hero Re-Launch Party Recap

Photos courtesy of Rich Johannsen of Lesson5 Photography.

Photos courtesy of Rich Johannsen of Lesson5 Photography.

We Are Cosplay teamed up once again with our friends at ReedPOP to represent the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, better known as C2E2, for the Galaxy Hero Re-Launch Party at Revolution Brewery. Pizza, beer, and fun was had by all. Missed the event?! Check out the Photos courtesy of Lesson 5  photography and Fotio photobooth!

Special thanks to the ReedPOP team and all the members that made it out!

ReedPOP Team:
Brian – Brand Marketing Director
Chris – International content Coordinator
MK – Content & Talent Coordinator
Fallon – Brand Coordinator

We Are Cosplay:
Paul –  Creative Director, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man
Angelique – Social Media Director, Marvel Comics: Wasp
Nyq – Media Director,  Captain Kirk
Rich – Media Team
Zadok Manny – Quicksilver
El – Marvel Comics: Bucky
Pearl – X23
Luisa – Black Widow
Katie – Starfleet Engineering/Security
Joe – Brave Little Toaster
Steve – Wreck-It Ralph
Misha – Pirate

Here is what our participants had to say about this event!

“Thank you again for everything on Saturday! Everyone looked amazing and the crowd loved you guys!”

“Thanks so much for coming out! We loved having you guys there.”

“Thanks everyone I had an awesome time!”

“Can I get a picture with you?”

“Had a total blast!”

Artists. Fans. Community.

We Are Cosplay is proud to be a C2E2 partner, and supporter of ReedPOP.


Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade Recap

We Are Cosplay Parade 2014We Are Cosplay teamed up once again with our friends at ReedPOP to represent the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, better known as C2E2, for the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Grant Park. This year we went bigger and better with 70+ cosplayers representing just a fraction of the creative fun you’ll find at C2E2 and from We Are Cosplay.

Missed the event?! Check out the Photos and Video!

Special thanks to the ReedPOP team, our awesome members for braving the Chicago March Weather, and the Mario Brothers Ghostbusters Crew!

ReedPOP Team:
Jackie – Brand Marketing Manager
Corey – Brand Marketing Coordinator
Katie – Customer Success Associate
Ryan – Sales Associate

We Are Cosplay:
Paul –  Creative Director, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man
Angelique – Social Media Director, Disney’s Snow White: Snow White
Nyq – Media Director
Ronald – Media Team
Peter – Media Team
Claire – DragonBall Z: Android 17
Blythe – Marvel Comics: Rogue
Dan – Marvel Comics: Logan
David – DC Comics: Riddler
Destiny – Mortal Kombat: Scorpion
Brittany – Doctor Who: Female “10th Doctor”
Andrew – Doctor Who: Male “Rose Tyler”
Jackie – Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: Cruella Deville
Chad – Star Trek: Capt. James T. Kirk
Jenny – G.I.Joe: Baroness
Zadok Manny – Marvel Comics: Doctor Octopus
Ben – DC Comics: Green Lantern
El – DC Comics: Nightwing
Lay – League of Legends: Nidalee
Jane – DC Comics: Catwoman (Julie Newmar)
Brandon – Internet/Urban Legend: Slenderman
Terrence – Marvel Comics: Nick Fury
Nicholas – Final Fantasy X: Tidus
Alex – Firefly/Serenity: Dr. Simon Tam
Sonya – DC Comics: Huntress
Clayton – Bioshock Infinite: Booker DeWitt
Ryan – Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk
Katie – Comics/Film: Judge Dredd
Jeremy – DC Comics: Two-Face
Michael – Legends of Zelda: Link
Courtney – Naruto: Orochimaru
Madeline – Firefly/Serenity: Kaylee Frye
Meryle – Marvel Comics: Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers)
Lucretia – Naruto: Deidara
Steve – Warner Brothers: Marvin the Martian
Paris – Call Of Duty: Ghost
Andrew – Halo: ODST Spartan
Harrison – Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor
Katherine – Marvel Comics: Lady Deadpool
Nykko – DC Comics: The Dark Knight
Josef – The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible
Lisa – DC Comics: Harley Quinn
Luisa – Marvel Comics: Mystique (Storm metamorphosis)
Amber – Doctor Who: Weeping Angel
Kiwuan – Star Wars Old Republic: Sith Warrior
Margaret – Harry Potter: House Slytherin
Mark – Halo : Spartan
Kay – Marvel Comics: Jubilee
Candice – DC Comics: Miss Martian
Jonathan – DC Comics: Robin (Young Justice)
Daniel – Marvel Comics Deadpool
Ashley – Marvel Comics: Black Cat
Jessica – Pokemon X, Y: Mega Amphorus Gijinka
Val – DC Comics: Green Arrow (“Punk Rock” variant)
Matt – Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor
Sonny – Saint Seiya- Knights of the Zodiac: Hades
Emily – Legends of Zelda: Princess Zelda
Patrick – DC Comics: Superman (Dean Cain)
Steve – My Little Pony: Flash Sentry
Chrystine – DC Comics: Lady Joker (Duela Dent)
Bevan – DC Comics: Batgirl
Alexandra – Marvel Comics: X-23
Anthony – Zorro
Efren – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo
Marissa – Transformers the Movie: Optimus Prime
Miguel – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder
Trevor – Marvel Comics: Iron-Man
Casey – DC Comics: Batwoman
Joshua – Marvel Comics: Doctor Doom
Amie – Marvel Comics: Iron-Woman

Here is what our participants had to say about this event!

“You guys are f***king awesome!”

“I can’t wait for next year!”

“Snow White! I have all your dolls!”

 ”I love you Batman!”

“Had a blast! Thanks for the awesome day!”

Join us for Lake Count-i-Con Costume Idol

We Are Cosplay presents Costume Idol

We Are Cosplay presents Costume Idol

We Are Cosplay presents Lake Count-i-Con Costume Idol and Children’s Costume Showcase. A new con deserves a new approach to the typical costume contest.

We Are Cosplay wants to add a bit of entertainment to the costume contest format, so we’ve invited some friends to host and panel the inaugural Lake Count-i-Con costume contests. Everyone knows American Idol for Ryan Seacrest and villainous judge, Simon Cowell, and we’ve got ours- with host

The Starship, Meryle Idzerda, and Skeletor

The Starship, Meryle Idzerda, and Skeletor

The StarShip, and the Universe’s greatest foe- Skeletor. Adding the voice of reason to our judges table are, Meryle Idzerda of Idzerda Designs, and maybe YOU! That’s right, we’ll be launching a contest soon to determine the final judge.



Spidey and Hulk

Spidey and Hulk

But don’t forget the kids! Hosting Sundays Children’s Costume Showcase… the Amazing Spider-Man!

To top it off, we’re putting the power of voting for the winners in your hands! So be sure to have your mobile devices handy.


How it works.

All entries must represent a pop culture character or element- including Comic Books, Movies & Television, Video Games, Anime or Fantasy. Participation is limited for both contests.

  • Saturday, June 28: Thirteen and over Costume Idol.
  • Sunday, June 29: Twelve and under Children’s Costume Showcase.

Registration open Noon to 2PM, each day, at the We Are Cosplay booth.

Featured Cosplayer: Bevan Sukowaty

Thanks for your positive reception to our special member feature. As part of a promotional push for new “local-con-on-the-block”, Chi-Fi, We Are Cosplay asked members to post their favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy creativity with the hashtag- #‎wearecosplay and #chifi. There was such a good response that our friends at Chi-Fi donated seven 1-Day passes to their inaugural con, in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. From those winners, we asked Rom the Space Knight’s cousin, Ran the Space Randomizer, to select our featured member.

So let’s meet Wisconsin transplant, and Chicago resident, 20 year old, Bevan Sukowaty.

"Now where did i park that jet..."; photo by Martin Huizar Photography

“Now where did i park that jet…”; photo by Martin Huizar Photography

Character wise, who’s on your “done it” list? Who’s the favorite?

“Eevee, White Mage (Final Fantasy), Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman (Odyssey), Wonder Woman (Classic), Squirrel Girl, Kyrie (Devil May Cry 4), Clicker (Last of Us), Poison Ivy, and Batgirl.

My favorite is definitely the classic Wonder Woman. She is such a powerful character to embody, and wearing that costume makes me feel strong. Plus, she’s got a lasso of truth. How can you say no to that?” 

Your must read/play/watch at the moment?

“Well, to read, I would have to say Harry Potter… haven’t read it all the way through. I’m ashamed. To watch, it would be Batman TAS… again, ashamed. To play, I would have to say Red Dead Redemption, though I highly recommend The Last of Us if you haven’t played it yet. It will blow your mind.”

Who are your favorite artists/writers/publishers/game studio/whatever?

“Favorite artist is, hands down, Nebezial ( He just does wonderful, unique illustrations of my favorite superheroes. I can’t help but want to cosplay all his versions of characters. My favorite writer is Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), and my favorite game studio is Square Enix… gotta love Final Fantasy.”

What got you into costuming/cosplay/propmaking/fx/photography/etc.?

Pika-who?! We choose you, Bevan.

Pika-who?! We choose you, Bevan.

“Well for years my family did this haunted house thing for Halloween. We would all dress up and try to scare off trick-or-treaters. Harmless fun [laughs]. Then one day, my friend asked if I wanted to go to a convention with her. She said we could dress up and buy things and I thought it would be fun. I went for one day and wore my very first costume- a poorly made Eevee costume. I was so excited though! I went and had an absolute blast. I cosplayed randomly for the next year or so, but it was kind of fading out of my system. Then, two years ago, Dante Drake asked if I wanted to go to Wizard World. I figured I would go. It was my first comic convention and I loved it. I saw so many wonderful costumes and had the best time. However, it was the people that really got me hooked. Everyone was so kind and they welcomed me right into the community. To this day, cosplayers are some of the closest friends, and we’ve kind of made our own little ‘family’. I’ve been addicted ever since.”

Do you think you’re treated differently as a female cosplayer then a male cosplayer?

“I think that, as a female cosplayer, I get treated a little differently. Not badly, but I feel like the public tends to lean more towards female cosplayers. A female will generally have an easier time getting noticed than a male cosplayer. But overall, I feel like people enjoy a well-made costume, regardless of gender. If you put the time and effort into a costume, people will appreciate it.”

What’s your typical process when taking on a new project?

“Step 1- Pick a character. I usually base this on the look of the character, how well I know them, and my knowledge of how to make the costume. I also occasionally choose based on suggestions from others, or the need for a character. The list grows quickly, as you can imagine, but eventually one of them gets picked to actually be made.

Step 2- Research, research, research. Pictures, facts, other peoples’ costumes, tutorials on pieces, you name it. That generally takes the longest for me. After I feel I have more information than I need, I move to step 3.

Step 3- Start getting materials. Fabric, paints, tools, other miscellaneous things. Anything you may possibly need. Pull up tutorials and see what others may have used to get the job done.

Step 4.- Procrastinate until about two weeks before the costume needs to be finished and go into a panicked, costume-making frenzy. That way you can ensure that the costume is made with as much sweat, tears… and occasionally blood, as possible.

Voila! Your costume is done.”

Have you met any of the artists/writers/filmmakers/etc. Who’s work your costume is based?

“Sadly, I have not. I have met people who have drawn costumes I would love to do in the future, but as of now, my list is pretty short with who I’ve met. But who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be able to meet some of the masterminds behind the designs.”

Are your aliases known to everyone, and how do they feel about it?

“I don’t have one. I’m like Wonder Woman or Tony Stark. I don’t need to hide who I am from the world. I have thought about creating one, but honestly, it seems like a lot of work trying to keep the two worlds separate. I’m A-OK with having people know who I am. Now nicknames, that’s another story entirely.”

Most interesting Con story?

“My most interesting con story would have to be winning Best Group at last year’s Kollision Con. Me and Dante Drake decided to go to the convention with our Last of Us cosplay. The costumes were brand new and weren’t even finished before we got to the con. The night before we were still sanding and wearing down the clothes, but eventually we got them done. The next day, we started getting ready bright and early. We hadn’t done many full makeup runs, so it was kind of a panicked trial run. However, we finished getting ready… a whopping two and a half hours later, and walked on down to the con floor. Now for those who don’t know what a Clicker is, it’s a zombie with fungus growing out of the front/top of it’s head.

Kollision Con 2014; photo by Zatoyoshi Photography

Kollision Con 2014; photo by Zatoyoshi Photography

My mask, trying to be accurate to the character, does not allow me to see very well. Dante basically had to lead me by hand all through the con. Eventually, we got to the signup for the contest. It was a bit of a wait, but we got our turn in front of the judges. Turned out, one of the judges was a huge Last of Us fan, so we chatted with him for a while and he told us he really liked our costumes. That was basically it. We left, feeling happy, but not expecting much from the contest. Eventually it came time for all of us to go on stage, which was a bit terrifying for me considering I couldn’t see the stairs. We posed, the crowd cheered, and then we walked off. There were still a lot of entries to go and a half-time performance, so we decided to go back up to the room. We figured we’d go back down in a bit to see who had won. We waited about twenty minutes and then went back down. People were saying congratulations to us while we walked back to the contest. We got there and found out we had missed the announcements for the winners. Everyone who was still in the room cheered as we walked in, and [were] handed our trophy. I felt a bit embarrassed, having won but not been there, but no one seemed to mind too much. It was such a cool feeling to have a costume we had spent so much time on and spent a crazy amount of time getting into, get such a great reaction from everyone.”

What Con are you most excited to one day attend, or return to?

“I would definitely say I am most excited to go to Dragon*Con. I have heard so many stories, both great and surprising, and it sounds like an absolute blast. I am excited to see the costumes and just feel the buzz of the cosplay community. After that it would be C2E2, which also has a life of its own, and then ACEN, which never seems to stop moving. I have other cons on my list, which are there for a reason, which is simply, they are awesome cons. They wouldn’t be on my list otherwise.”

What do you like to do when you’re not costuming… other hobbies?

“I used to ride horses, still do occasionally, but honestly, my life is making costumes. I love sewing and building things. I have also tried taking up Photoshop and Bodyart, both of which people seem to appreciate. My other, non-official hobbies include playing videogames, drawing, and dancing… poorly I might add. I am also going to school for animation, so hopefully one day I can make that hobby a full-time job.”

Costume groups, or solo- which do you prefer?

“Honestly, I love both. Solo costumes are fun because you are able to stand alone, have people recognize your character by itself, and feel powerful and awesome. But then you take the solo character and you add characters to it and you have a group, which is just an absolutely indescribable feeling. You have people standing by you that support what you do and want to have fun with you. It’s great to be in a group, especially if you are ever nervous about a costume or costuming in general. But honestly, whether or not you decide to be part of a group, cosplay is such a rewarding experience, it won’t really make a difference. You’ll have a blast either way.”

What’s next? Dream project?

“Well I’m currently working on finishing up my Batgirl and Poison Ivy, but after that, I’m not exactly sure. I have been talking about making Samus armor, but I am not exactly sure when that will get done. I think I may take a costume making break after I finish up these costumes, but who knows, I may find something I just ‘need’ to do [laughs]. My dream project is definitely Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I need to learn more before I’ll feel prepared to start that.”

left to right: Samus Aran, Princess Belle

left to right: Samus Aran, Princess Belle


You can follow Bevan’s projects in the We Are Cosplay facebook community, through her facebook page, deviantart, and Tumblr.

Chicago Dance Marathon Event Recap

We Are Cosplay at Chicago Dance Marathon

We Are Cosplay at Chicago Dance Marathon

We Are Cosplay was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the Chicago Dance Marathon for Lurie Children’s Hospital this year by Premier Sponsor, Solstice Mobile.

Chicago Dance Marathon is an inspirational event that will change your life. We danced (or stood) for 13.1 hours in honor of the children and families of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. We were entertained and inspired as more than 20 patient families were there to celebrate with us, and share their amazing stories. This is THE largest fundraising drive made by Lurie Children’s Hospital, and a very important cause. From our experience, the most rewarding and epic event we have yet to be involved with. Over $358,000 was raised to help families with children facing critical illness.


We thank everyone who was able to be a part of this heart warming event. 

Nyq – Media Director
Manny –  DC Comics: Green Lantern
El –  DC Comics: Robin
Ambre – Marvel Comics: Valkyrie
Ryan – Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hulk
Natalie – Media Team
Paul –  Creative Director, Marvel Comics: Spider-Man
Moe – DC Comics: Supergirl
Ronald –  Media Team
Ashley – Marvel Comics: Sif
Chrystine – Marvel Comics: Lady Deadpool
Bevan  – DC Comics: Wonder Woman
Tim – DC Comics: Batman
Trevor – Marvel Comics: Iron Patriot

Here is what our member’s had to say about this event!

” I had so much fun yesterday thank you!!! It was really amazing!”

“One of the most rewarding events I’ve ever participated in. It’s one thing to donate to a charity, it’s another thing to participate with a charity.”

“The kids made a personal connection with the We Are Cosplay heroes, but we all know who the real heroes are.”

 “It was fun meeting the kids as Lady Sif and spending time dancing with these amazing kids all day!”

“So much fun and the families are so inspiring.”

Featured Cosplayer: Ryan “Green”

Back in January we challenged the We Are Cosplay facebook community to reach 100 new members. We asked members to post their most impressive costume, prop, photography, art, or other creative spark, with the hashtag- #wearecosplay. At the end of the week we randomly pulled from those tags to select one member to feature.

So we’re happy to bring you, 27 year old, Chicago resident, Ryan “Green” Flennoy. We asked Ryan some questions to learn a little more about the man behind the the hulking facade.

"It's not easy being Green."

“It’s not easy being Green.”

Character wise, who’s on your “done it” list? Who’s the favorite?

“The Incredible Hulk, Colossus (X-Men), Young Hellboy, Red Hulk, Compound Hulk, Omega Red, Duke Nukem, Bane, Goliath [of] Gargoyles, Hancock and Crossbones.

I’d have to say my favorite of all would have to be the Hulk. It’s a classic Marvel character that I have held dear to me since I was a wee “Hulkling”. And getting to bring that character to life is a dream come true. With all the off-season dieting and training, once you get the green paint on you really feel the part. Plus I get to smash crap, pick up people and act a like crazed rage monster, that’s always fun.”

Your must read/play/watch at the moment?

“My must watch it, read it, and play it at the moment are- Watch the Season of Archer; read the new edition of Saga: Part 3; and play the new Dead Rising 3.”

Who are your favorite artists/writers/publishers/game studio/whatever?

“My favorite writers are Garth Ennis (The Punisher), and Mark Millar (The Ultimates); Favorite Game studios would definitely be Gearbox (Borderlands), Epic Games (Gears of War, Bulletstorm), Bungie (Halo), and 3D Realms (Duke Nukem); Favorite Film director Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez.”

What got you into costuming/cosplay/propmaking/fx/photography/etc.?

"Watch where you're pointing that finger."

“Watch where you’re pointing that finger.”

“I’d say my first time visiting a convention as a civilian in 2011 is what got me into costuming, which happened to be C2E2. I spent most of my life reading about fictional characters and day dreaming of comic book heroes. But it wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I saw my first cosplayer. It was Aaron Brigman, dressed as Frank Castle from Punisher Warzone, and man did he leave an impression! His [costume] was so detailed, not to mention he acted the part as well. It was so good that I didn’t see Aaron Brigman [as] even someone in costume at all. All I saw was Frank Castle come to life. And THAT’S cosplay. The following year I debuted my first cosplay at C2E2, as The Hulk”

Do you think you’re treated differently as a male cosplayer then a female cosplayer?

“When it comes to male versus female cosplayer, I feel that I get treated fairly well by fans. There will always be sensuality in cosplay and there will always be fans than lean more towards how attractive the person looks as that character, to just appreciating the details, accuracy, time spent and over[all] choice of character for that particular person. In most cases I feel women get slightly more attention than men in cosplay and that’s because of the simple fact the WOMEN ARE SEXY. And there’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion it can actually add to a character. But in general I feel whether your male or female, cosplayers get treated based on the quality of their costume, the character they choose to do, and in some cases their ability to portray that characters personality and mannerisms.”

What’s your typical process when taking on a new project?

“Planning a new costume usually begins with an idea or a suggestion. As any cosplayer knows, we get a lot of them. Unfortunately not all of them end up seeing the light of day. But for me it’s the characters that I can relate to, or have ever fantasized about being that end up making the cut. Once I have my character committed, then I hit the books. RESEARCH. I need to know that character inside and out. What [and] how many different versions of him exist, weapons, allies, enemies, body type, height, personality, etc.

After I’ve done all my homework, character specifics are chosen, and then i begin building, buying, painting, shaping and putting it all together.”

Have you met any of the artists/writers/filmmakers/etc. who’s work your costume is based?

“In the short time I’ve been cosplaying I have been fortunate enough meet Stan lee who was the mastermind behind a few of my characters (The Hulks, Crossbones and Omega Red); Lou Ferrigno who was the first actor to portray the Hulk, and illustrator of Gargoyles, Kurt Lehner.”

Are your aliases known to everyone, and how do they feel about it?

“I wouldn’t say I have much of an alias, but most people [who] know me outside of my family, know me as Ryan ‘Green’, including work and other circles outside of cosplay. And honestly I kinda like it. Feels like I have [a] secret identity and an alter ego. I guess every superhero needs one right?… And a theme song. I should make a theme song.”

Most interesting Con story?

“I’d say my most interesting Con story would be winning the Wizard World 2013 costume contest cuz I swear to God when I first put on my Goliath costume I thought I looked horrible. [laughs] It was my first time doing it, no test run. And I put it on behind a curtain and had not seen myself in a mirror. [Friends and fellow cosplayers] Michael Perri and Bevan Sukowaty, literally spent 4 hours painting me up that morning and were almost late putting on their own costumes (which till this day I still can’t thank them enough for. Bestest friends and body painters a guy could ever have). Ended up walking around taking tons of photos and wondering why everyone was so excited about my costume. I mean it’s an awesome character from way back in the day that probably [brought] back everyone’s childhood, but in my eyes all I could think of was, ‘this costume sucks! Can’t wait to get this thing off, stupid 50 pound wings’. Which actually snapped in half and broke before I even made it from behind the curtain for people to see me. Luckily for me, [another friend and cosplayer] Scott Whipple was there with a giant roll of duct tape and his humongous arms to mend my 50 pound wings back together. Long story short, our group entered the contest which consisted of Kayla Smith as Demona, and James T Wulfgar- effing badass cosplayers which I felt lucky to have the privilege just to walk around with. We entered the costume contest just because and [so] all our hard work wouldn’t go unnoticed. But after seeing all the other contestants we pretty much gave up and had no intention on winning. Oh and did I mention that my wings snapped in half again as soon as I got up on stage? Yeah that happened. But somehow the clouds parted and the cosplay gods shined down on us and cut us a break. We won best cosplay group! Honestly till this day still don’t know how or why, but I guess that’s what cosplay is about. Having an idea, following through with that idea, literally pouring your time sweat and heart into it and then proudly wearing it no matter how uncomfortable or horrible you think it looks because YOU picked the character, YOU made the costume and YOU had the nads to put it on and wear [it] in front of hundreds of people. Cosplay is YOU. We Are Cosplay”

What Con are you most excited to one day attend, or return to?

“If I were to list my top favorite Cons I’m stoked about going to every year at the top of my [is] Dragon Con. That place is life changing. Then it would be C2E2, Acen, Wizard World Chicago, Superman Con, Detroit Fanfare, Kollision Con, Ramencon and then a few others get added on to the list every year. I’m all up for [exploring] and finding hidden gems, and I recommend that to all cosplayers. Never judge a Con by its cover”

Dragon Con 2013 Marvel Supergroup

Dragon Con 2013 Marvel Supergroup

What do you like to do when you’re not costuming… other hobbies?

“When I’m not costuming, I like to work on costumes. [laughs] Which is pretty much every cosplay I imagined. But as far as hobbies I spend most of my time in the gym. I’m a firm believer in that my body is just as important to my cosplay as the actual costume itself. I’m a personal trainer and I love helping other people work out and achieve their goals. I do a little amateur fighting in an MMA circuit. How to blow off steam, unplug and gets me cut for cosplay season. I spend a crap ton of time on my Xbox and PS3. Read a lot of Marvel Comics, just starting to get into DC. Favorite pastime is probably just cuddles with my bulldog and Guy Ritchie or Tarantino movies”

Costume groups, or solo- which do you prefer?

“When I cosplay I love working with groups and solo projects. I think that group cosplays have so much potential because you bring together so many awesome characters from a single comic book or genre. Scott Whipple and the SCF put together some pretty amazing rosters and shoots for conventions. But then there are those solo characters that stand alone, make for awesome photoshoots and cosplays.”

What’s next? Dream project?

“Can’t say that I really have a dream project because the dream project is always the next project. There are a few select characters I would like to do but they either have already been done so well by others that it’d be pointless for me to even attempt. [laughs] Or they’ve already been done by friends and I couldn’t see myself doing a friends character. Here are a few of my characters currently on the work table for 2014-2015… Thundercat’s Panthro; Tekken’s King; Ghost Rider, Borderlands 2 Roland; and G.I. Joe’s Roadblock.”

left to right: Panthro, Ghost Rider, King.

left to right: Panthro, Ghost Rider, King.


You can follow Ryan’s projects in the We Are Cosplay facebook community, through his facebook page, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram- #Ryanmeangreen, #ryangreen.


We Are Cosplay

From the Creative Director, Media Director, and Social Media Director that brought you the C2E2 Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade Group, the C2E2 Galaxy Hero Beer Launch Party, Costume Karaoke Crash!, Skeletor’s Evil Plan: A C2E2 After Party, Boomers Baseball Superhero Night, and other Movie Meet-Up Socials, comes… We Are Cosplay!

We Are Cosplay is about the culture of costuming and appreciation for the characters and craft used to bring them to life. A collective of artists collaborating toward one goal- to produce creative media via costuming, cosplaying, video production, live appearances, and more.

Why We Are Cosplay? This community is not intended to replace or substitute any other. It was created to offer different opportunities to take your passion to the next level, or just to try something new socially.

It is our hope that this community will serve as a hub for creative endeavors, as your cosplay adventures evolve and thrive with a level of decorum and artistic spirit.

If you would like to directly promote or collaborate with We Are Cosplay, for charitable outreach, convention/cosplay groups, or other events, please contact us here, or via

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