Costume Karaoke Crash

Sunday -
10:00 PM
Simone's Bar, Pilsen, Chicago
Costume Karaoke Crash

We know it's a bit late on a Sunday for a night on the town, but you won't regret it! Best venue for karaoke! And the Pilsen crowd is awesome! Not to mention the fact the staff and management were super excited for the idea- of course we call it a "crash", but we always want to work with a venue's management to ensure safety.

We'll be doing a small bit of promotion for C2E2, handing out postcards, but this is our chance to fully represent our cosplay community!

No costume restrictions except weaponry, so use your best judgement. Of course you don't have to dress it up that night, but why not show your costuming pride?

Come out, have some drinks, sing a few songs, and be awesome.

- Feel free to coordinate ride-shares in the comments.
- CTA Pink Line

*Because karaoke as a regular person is just not "11" enough.