Evil Dead “Ash” Mob

Friday -
Showplace Icon Roosevelt Theater
Evil Dead "Ash" Mob

So you know when you go camping in a creepy cabin and find a crazy book covered in some sort of animal hide, with an ancient form of writing on the cover and some kind of gothy mix tape droning stuff that makes no sense like, "Tantir-ah-mis-trobeen-ha-zar-ta... Tantir-man-ov-mis-hazen-sober. Kanda! Kanda! Kanda!"? Yeah, don't play that mix tape.

Tickets are not yet available for purchase, but we will update with showtime once they do- probably a mid evening show to accommodate commuting. Our theater for this outing will be ShowPlace ICON at Roosevelt
Legend tells of a hero in a blue shirt that will save our souls. So wear a blue shirt to honor him, and we will provide you nametags, so that all will know his name... it's time for an "Ash" Mob, baby!

- Feel free to coordinate ride-shares in the comments.
- CTA Blue Line

*When in doubt "Clatto Verata Nicto" will NOT help out.